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"We face neither EAST NOR WEST. We face FORWARD"

Sammy Watkins, Clemson

September 11th, a world tragedy

I have seen several non-Americans people on this site make light of or diminish the impact of 9/11 on them and therefore scoff at all the attention 9/11 gets.

Let’s take a look at just how tragic this event was 13 years ago today and how it affected the world and not just America;

2,977 people died. That is 4 times as many casualties as the 2nd biggest terrorist attack in history (796 dead in Yazidi Iraq community bombings). 

2,977 people who were ordinary citizens. The world trade center was not a military target like Pearl Harbor was, it was a deliberate attack on the American citizens. The people who were killed had nothing to do with political agendas which some people have pointed to as the catalysts for 9/11 happening in the first place. 

Of the 2,977 killed, 373 were not Americans. 373 victims from 62 different countries. Including 67 from the UK, 47 from the Dominican Republic and 41 from India. 

Estimates range from 60-150 as to the number of Muslims killed in these attacks. Ordinary citizens just like everyone else killed in the towers. 

This attack affected far more than America, it was truly a world tragedy and one of the darkest days of modern times. It deserves to be remembered each time the anniversary comes around.


"Always so rude, that one."
- Ms. Rosa

Listening to big jet plane while watching planes take off and exploring my thoughts as I wait out my layover. #peace


“‘Cause this is triller, thriller night” - thriller dance by Ghana boys :-)  Germany vs Ghana


I need to pee but I haven’t seen this movie don’t wanna miss anything

Same thing happened to me on the plane. What movie? Was it worth the endocrinic suppression?
she’s consciously trying to make me go crazy now